The Beautiful Music Collection

Fri 9am-12pm

Presenters: Pat
The Beautiful Music Collection is mixture of all types of music that is prepared and recorded at home from Pat's own collection. It is mostly a music show This program has several segments. It starts with 78 Tripple Play, in which Pat play three records from the days of the 78s. All That Jazz follows at around 9:30, where I feature three tracks from the great jazz era, mid 20s to late 40s. After the 10am news, I feature 6Pack, a competition, where I play six tracks which may be from an artist or a musical, and the listeners are invited to ring in and try to guess who the artist is, or what the musical is. The winner gets the 6Pack, which is 6 cans of Pepsi Max, two DVDs and a Civic Video voucher. At around 10:30-10:40, it is time for the Comedy Spot, two tracks which may feature a comedian or maybe a silly song, a bit of humour. After the 11am news, I feature Culture Shock, which is two shortish tracks of classical The rest of the show is a mixture of all types of music. On the first Friday of the month, I have Hear the Lion Roar, which is a segment presented by various members of the Lions club. This goes to air around 11:15. The show is prepared and recorded at home from my own collection

Blues Plus

Tue, Wen 2pm-4pm

Presenters: Dougie B
Blues Plus Joined 5gtr in 2009, Dougie B became the presenter to share what he has been listening to and enjoying for many years. Show consists mainly of guitar driven modern blues,electric and acoustic,a little jazz and occasional rockabilly. Report to 'Australian Blues and Roots Airplay Charts' and the American 'Roots Music Report' charts.
You can email Dougie at for any artists/listeners wishing to contact him.


Sat 4pm-6pm

Presenters: MostlyNOOB & PyRoMiRezzz
GG NOOB is the best show on 5gtr about video games, anime, tec and other geeky stuff...
but mainly video games. With the occasional guest, we talk about the latest happings in the gaming world all the while having fun with our unprofessional banter.
We also have a Facebook page where we upload trailers news and other bits.

Mojo Dojo

Fri 7pm-9pm

Presenters: Ivan Heenan & Caitlin Rowe
The Mojo Dojo is mount gambier's most exciting and entertaining Hardcore and Alturnative show. The Mojo Dojo has been in one of 5GTRs most inturging shows since July of 2013. Having such guests as Volumes, In Hearts Wake, Dream On Dreamer, Allday, Hellons and more bands on the show you can shake a stick at, The Mojo Dojo is always providing great guests and fun interviews. The Mojo Dojo also is known for it's some what popular segement "Douchebag of the week" which goes over the notable weekly news and events. The show is some the most fun you can have on a friday so tune in every week from 7pm until 9pm.

Pepsi Drive (Tuesday)

Tue 4pm-7pm

Presenters: Daniel, Josh and Wade
Pepsi Drive is a request show, where Daniel & friends play a range of music ranged from Pop, Rock, Dance music, Rap, Hip Hop and R&B. Occasional talking about is the music they have played.

Phi In The Sky

Mon 10pm-1am

Presenters: Max Ashley
Hosted by Max Ashley, Phi In The Sky is a 3 hour objective view of our often illogical life here on the 3rd rock from the star. Max delves into the story of “us” by examining thought, the mind, consciousness, theories, philosophies, ideologies, both accepted and unaccepted, predictive programming, the hierarchy of control and much more. Max takes us back to re-address past events and the facts or what is know and can be substantiated from these events or actions, which gives us a clearer picture of the actual reality of reality. Every week Max gives a rundown on "the week that was", reviews of interviews that break the official narrative, news of archaeological discoveries that change the story but get no lame stream media coverage, as well as his own interviews with leading researchers and experts from a variety of fields.
For more phi in the sky vist phiintheskyradio.

Slinga's Indie Country Showcase

Sat 12am-3pm

Presenters: Slinga
We showcase all new country music out on CRS Community Radio Most Saturdays we have live interviews with Country Artists from all over Australia & sometimes from overseas.

Slinga's Morning Music

Thu 9am-12am

Presenters: Slinga
We are schedualled to broadcast Community Announcments live & recorded throughout the show & generally a live interview. The Interviews are usually at 10.30am from all sources. We also have CD prizes we give to callers when we ask them.

Variety Breakfast (Monday)

Mon 6am-9am

Presenters:Michael Case
latest music updated weekly. In addition past indie, alternative, rock, hip hop and electronic.

Variety Breakfast (Tuesday)

Tue 6am-9am

Presenters: Frank & Nathan
There is no information about this show at this current time

Variety Breakfast (Wednesday)

Wed 6am-9am

Presenters: Shane Mac
There is no information about this show at this current time

Variety Breakfast (Thurday)

Thur 6am-9am

Presenters: Michael Case
latest music updated weekly. In addition past indie, alternative, rock, hip hop and electronic.

Variety Breakfast (Friday)

Fri 6am-9am

Presenters: Shane Mac
Frank currently do the Friday breakfast show on 5GTR Frank like to play a variety of old and new music, of a variety of genres - something for the majority of people to enjoy. Frank like to include local news, and the odd weird fact or two.